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Volume 2: Powerwash Tumblers

Remember my super cute pineapple tumbler from Volume 1 with waterslide and vinyl decals? Well, I didn't stop there.  Although I loved the combination of the shimmer from our glitter tumblers, the bright waterslide and the bold vinyl decal, I decided it needed to some more pizazz.  I have never been a follower and I like to create my own path. That's why I'm a supporter of truly unique designs that no one can easily replicate. The powerwash method is so unique that even YOU won't be able to make the same tumbler twice. I dare you to try.


Volume 1: Waterslide Decals

Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of waterslide decals! They are applied just like temporary tattoos, but are made to last. Once properly applied and completely dry, the waterslide transfers are permanent. How amazing is that? Customers are going to SLIDE into your DMs, once you showcase this amazing technique into your product lineup because they will love the unlimited possibilities.The best part? They can be applied to ANY hard, smooth surface - glass, ceramic, stainless steel and even wood! Follow me and let's make a tumbler with a waterslide decal.