Maker of the Month - September 2020

Last month I embarked on a road trip to St. Jacob's Market in Woolwich, ON. It's a place that everyone should visit at least once, although I quickly learned that one day isn't enough to experience it all. Check it out here for more information.

I went into snail mode to slowly walk through the buildings checking out all the amazing booths with different items. Wooden creations, jewellery, baked goods, stationary, toys, baked goods, home decor, beauty products and did I mention baked goods?

I'm a touchy feely shopper so it was a little hard to shop with all the COVID restrictions in place. Don't worry -  I kept my hands to myself, wore my mask and frequently sanitized my hands.

I was instantly attracted to the booth by PickleTree Creations. The display, the colours and the atmosphere pulled me in. Beckie, the owner and artist, let me browse and as if she could read my mind, approached me when she knew I was ready to purchase something I was eyeballing and needed some assistance. Anyone that knows me needs my space, whether I am shopping or not. I am turned off by pushy sales people that rush to close a sale.

She didn't just grab the product that I wanted and quickly take me to the cash register (or Ipad) to complete the transaction. She took the time to give me the background and the history behind the item. The pride in her work was evident as she explained how it was made and how her husband had contributed. I actually learned something from our conversation and it made me even more happy about my purchase.

Her lovely demeanor made such a difference. Although I had already decided that I was going to purchase her soap dispenser, she made it clear that it was more than just a business transaction to her.

I continued to browse and eventually left her booth. Actually, I reluctantly left. I didn't want to feel like a stalker. Of all the booths and vendors at the St. Jacob's Market, hers was definitely my favourite and I can't wait to return. Check out her page on Facebook or better yet, go visit her at the market to experience it yourself. You will not be disappointed!

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