Maker of the Month - October 2021

October is a month for being thankful and reflecting on your journey.

Our Maker of the Month feature has been put on hold for the past several months as Crafty Corner Supplies has steadily gained popularity. In the past few months, I have focused on bringing in new products, managing my business as a one woman show and maintaining the quick turnaound time that all my customers rave about.

I have also been busier than ever behind the scenes. Between trying to navigate the changing Covid restictions and lockdowns and bouncing back and forth with online school, my to-do list keeps getting longer.

However now I am taking a brief pause from my day to day activities to present this completely unauthorized but well deserved edition of Maker of the Month. 

October's very own Maker of the Month feature is on Breeing Creative, based out of Greely, Ontario.

Breeing Creative

Bree is talented interior decorator with a great sense of humour. Over time we have supported each other's businesses, became #instafriends and secretly have so much in common.

✅ Sarcastic and sweary

✅ Great taste in brand colours

✅ Dedicated feline enthusiast

✅ Trauma survivor

✅ Coffee, coffee, coffee. It makes us less stabby.

✅ Team Pumpkin Spice #pumpkinspiceeverything

She is a true supporter of mental health and always reminds me that it's a good day to have a good day.

Breeing Creative

I truly love everything she makes. It's honest, authentic and fits perfectly into my crazy cat lady lifestyle.

Bree is an AMAZING human! Follow her on Instagram and you will see what I mean.

Shop small. Shop local. Shop Breeing Creative.

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