Maker of the Month - October

Here we are in October and Fall is in full swing. Fall is my favourite season - I love the cool breeze, the beautiful colours and everything pumpkin spice. It’s the season that teaches us that change is both inevitable and beautiful. 

Sometimes, however, we need to be the change. Ashleigh of Urban Handcrafts is leading the way.

Urban Handcrafts is owned and operated by Ashleigh and powered by her passion for creativity. She symbolizes the true meaning of ethics and integrity.  She is the real deal. 

Although we live in the same small town and have never met her personally, I recently discovered her company through a Facebook suggestion. True story. Zuckerberg for the win!

Since then,  I have been admiring her work through social media. What I admire most about Ashleigh is her desire to do something different and her focus on quality. Her passion to stand up and do what is right should also be admired and celebrated.

At the beginning of this pandemic, in the midst of this whirlwind that we call 2020, Ashleigh used her creativity and innovation to respond quickly and selflessly to help our community. She not only came up with an idea to create face shields for front line workers from materials she already had on hand, but she encouraged other crafters to do the same and provided step-by-step instructions for everyone. Click here to see her post.

If that wasn’t enough, Ashleigh and her family single handedly held a Canada Day event when all the neighbourhood activities and events were cancelled due to COVID.

The intention of the event was simply to provide a fun and memorable celebration for the children in Orangeville. She wanted to provide an opportunity for kids to get out of the house and not think about the scary world around them even if only for a moment.

She followed social distancing protocols and offered hand sanitizer to everyone that attended to keep them safe. The best part? Ashleigh did this out of the goodness of her heart!

If her generosity wasn't enough, her product collection encompasses a wide variety of materials and styles.

Her personalized leather bookmarks are a wonderful gift for people of all ages. It can be a simple stocking stuffer or an extra something special added to a book that you are gifting.

Inspired by the simplicity of this gift that will appeal to people of all ages? Click here to see our complete Vegan leather collection.

Bows, purses, bookmarks, wristlets or earrings! Faux leather can be used for a wide variety of projects.

Just like the patterns in our newest collection, Ashleigh is “faux” real. 

Home decor, themed apparel, bookmarks and even tutus - Ashleigh is one in a melon. Please visit her Facebook page here and see for yourself!

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