Support our Veterans

Day has a whole new meaning for me since I became a military mom.

My oldest son is in the military, is stationed far away from home and I only see him twice a year. Last year he was deployed overseas and it was our first, and hopefully last, Christmas without him.
Crafting slowly became a way to distract myself from the constant worry that filled his absence.
Crafty Corner Supplies supports our veterans and all military members that have chosen to defend our country. Not only are they constantly in the face of danger, but they have all sacrificed time with their family and friends to ensure that we ALL have a better life.
In honour of these brave men and women, we are proud to announce that, this week, we will be donating 11% of our net sales to the Orangeville legion.
We have also temporarily added a option on our website for our customers to add their own contribution to support this deserving organization. Click here to donate.
Join us in standing up for our veterans. Every little bit counts, especially in these unprecedented times.
Support local. Support small businesses, but most importantly support our veterans.
Lest we forget.