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StyleTech Opal Vinyl
StyleTech Opal Vinyl
StyleTech Opal Vinyl
StyleTech Opal Vinyl

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StyleTech Opal Vinyl

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Give your custom project extra dimension with StyleTech Opal vinyl.

✨It offers shade shifting colours for a spectrum explosion

✨ Find as many as four colours in every piece

✨ As the viewing angle and reflection changes, so does the colour.

✨ Beneath all the colours is a chrome-mirror base layer.

This vinyl is perfect to use with your cutting machine's offset feature and can be used to decorate our skinny clear or matte acrylic tumblers.

Bonus points: It is also suitable for short-term outdoor signage.

Available in 4 different colours - Blue, Green, Orange and White.

Sold in 12x12 inch sheets or by the yard.