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Clear your space, clear your mind.

How organized is your crafty corner?  Getting organized isn't always as simple as you think it is. Sometimes you need some "encouragement". With the Covid lockdowns across Canada that defined 2020, many of us decided to finally organize our homes and tackle our previously ignored to-do lists. The travel restrictions allowed everyone the extra time they needed to no longer be procrastinators.  Since I finally had the time and ran out of valid excuses, I was able to sort through my craft collection and organize everything. What should have been a simple task ended up interfering with valuable crafting time. It became quite the lengthy process especially because I frequently rediscovered items that I had purchased on impulse, never used and forgot...


Project: Rediscover Creativity

craft·ing /ˈkraftiNG/ noun: crafting   According to the Oxford dictionary, crafting is the activity or hobby of making decorative articles by hand. Crafting has emerged as a fashionable form of self-expression. I may be impartial to this opinion, but I think crafting is the best hobby. It can be enjoyed anytime by people of all ages, backgrounds and demographics. It is therapeutic. It is also a great outlet for those with creative minds. There is no right or wrong way to do things. Most people join the crafting world to create something unique that can't be purchased from a store. Whether you do it personally or professionally, handmade creations are wonderful to give as a gift or add to your home...


I Bought a Cricut!

Yesss! I remember my excitement when I first bought myself a Cricut. After all, it is a coveted machine that crafters only dream of. My Pintrest boards were filled with amazing craft ideas for projects that I would complete once I splurged and bought myself the machine that could make it all happen. I convinced myself that my lack of equipment was the only thing that was holding me back. Boy, was I wrong. I carefully unboxed my Cricut and beamed with pride. Oh, the things I would create! Little did I know that it can be quite the learning curve to actually get started and create something that you are proud of. Weld? Contour? Slice? SVG? Mirror? What did all this...